2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Price, Images, Specs, and Release Date

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Price, Images, Specs, and Release Date. In an interview in January 2025, Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla is likely to build a truck in the near future. He claimed it is a logical thing and it is only a matter of time. The approaching 2025 Tesla Pickup Truck is a fun theme to talk about but consider that everything is still just a speculation. After finishing all the work with Model 3 sedan, Tesla can now fully concentrate on building a long-awaited pickup.

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Redesign

Many of you are still questioning why all-electric automaker opted for a pickup truck? Have in mind that this segment is in a huge growth, especially in the mid-size class. It is a huge challenge for the company, and everyone is expecting competitive pickup with good battery range, but also with respectful towing and hauling ability.

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Powertrain Rumors

The 2025 Tesla Pickup Truck will follow the example of Model X when it comes to engine options. Model X is available with four powertrain options, so Tesla Pickup is likely to offer more than one engine. If that is true, then we can expect the choice will come down to 75D, 90D, and P90D.
The 75D offers an electric driving range of 237 miles and can hit 0 to 60mph in six seconds. It returns 328 hp and 387 pound-feet of torque.

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Wallpaper

The 90D electric driving range is 257 miles and it hits 0 to 60mph in 4.8 seconds. It produces up to 417 HP and 485 pound-feet of torque. The P90D model brings an outstanding 532 HP and 713 pound-feet of torque. With those numbers, Model X is pushed from 0 to 60 in just 3.2 seconds. Top speed hits a 155 mph mark. All battery options are standard with an all-wheel-drive system. With some suspension upgrades and integrated trailer brake system, it is expected that the Tesla Pickup will tow around 7,000 pounds.

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck will have a recognizable look

It makes sense that the 2025 Tesla Pickup Truck share some parts with the Model X. Of course, Tesla needs to give their new pickup a familiar and recognizable look. Even that the pickup comes with a taller stance, the overall shape of B-pillars is the same, but the fascia is more rugged.

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Images

The C-pillar blends so well from the roof all the way down into the cargo bed. Plenty of chrome trim can be found around the windows, and Tesla’s familiar door handles boosts the exterior a bit more. Black trim at some parts of the body should protect the paint from mud and rocks. Tires are expected to be more aggressive than on other Tesla’s vehicles, still, it’s a pickup?

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Interior

High-quality interior with packed tech features is something we all expect from Tesla. The upcoming 2025 Tesla Pickup Truck will come with the interior similar to the Model X. The dashboard with a huge touchscreen and digital gauge cluster are the most probable features.

The interior should be boosted with sporty bucket seats both front and rear. Those rear bucket seats can be folded flat so hauling larger items should not be a problem. Just like the Model X, Tesla pickup will come with a large windscreen.

2025 Tesla Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

Now, this is an interesting theme. No one knows yet if Tesla will price the upcoming pickup in line with luxury models or it will reduce the costing. Some reports suggest that the 2025 Tesla Pickup Truck will become available for around $50,000. Only time will tell, there are still two years before the pickup hits the car market.

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